Terminal Handling

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For terminal handling oriented towards loading pallets and rolls, we have a strong and quality conscious tradition that runs 30 years back in time.
We handle cargo on quay or terminal. Via hardstand on set-up area or in warehouse, the cargo is transported to the vessel's side at quay, or vice versa at discharge. 

Unitisation of goods or stuffing/stripping is also performed as well as cargo handling services linked to the leasing of warehouses or storage areas.
Related spin-off services like stockroom administration and lease of warehouses to customers who on their own behalf are handling cargo are also part of our terminal work.

Smålandshamnar AB has rationalized the work with Hogia's terminal and storage system. Our core activity is to offer port and cargo handling services by serving vessels making land at the port. A part of our strategy is also to serve as the switch between various transportation companies.  
The terminal system rationalizes the handling of the container depot by automatically control and optimize the flow of incoming and outgoing containers, when it comes to placement in the port, as well as stripping and stuffing. This also gives both us and our customers real time information. Customers can via the web easily see current status on what happens with their goods in the port. Through the storage module in the system, we can also increase the cargo flow, in this case cut wooden goods. The productivity is increased when the manual handling is minimized and the system automatically creates job lists for the stevedore. The storage module also gives constant real time info and it is possible to reach the system through a user-friendly web interface.