1860 the first port management was formed.

1929 the current company was registered as AB Oskarshamns Stuverikontor. The stock subscribers were the largest customers in the port.

1976 the local authority of Oskarshamn acquired 49.9% of the stocks in AB Oskarshamns Stuverikontor. The purpose was to coordinate the port and stevedore areas to get better use of personnel, material and economical resources.

1982 more stocks were acquired by the local authority of Oskarshamn who now owned 85% of the stocks. Remaining 15% was owned by other parties.

1987 a new organization was formed from the port and stevedore areas. The name was changed to Oskarshamns Hamn AB. The new corporation was to run the entire port enterprise.

1992 the complete port and cargo management in Västervik was taken over. This was done on contract for the local authority of Västervik until the year 2000.

1992 the cargo management for Gunnebo AB at the industrial quay in Gunnebo was taken over.

1993 the name was changed from Oskarshamns Hamn AB to Smålandshamnar AB.

1994 the local authority of Oskarshamn acquired by new issue more stocks in Smålandshamnar AB.

2001 the management of the terminal in Västervik was returned to the local authority of Västervik. Hultsfreds Kommunala Industri AB acquired stocks from the local authority of Oskarshamn and consequently holds 4 % of the capital stock.

2002 the local authority of Oskarshamn acquired stocks from Sjöwalls Invest AB and now owns 96% of the capital stock.

2003 the corporation reverted to the name Oskarshamns Hamn AB. 

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