Smålandshamnar AB is to manage the customers' cargo and perform services related in a way that the customers' needs and demands (authorities' and environments' demands) are fulfilled, and strive towards constant improvement in the area.
ISO 9001 describes the operative and administrative quality that is a result of the demands and desires the customers have phrased.
The result from the defined quality is for the company and it's employees to each time fulfill the pledges the company has displayed.

Management's Responsibility

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The company has a comprehensive quality policy that clearifies our stand in all quality concerning issues. The management is responsible for making the policy comprehended and applied. The port of Oskarshamn has established quality goals that are quantified by a number of measurable values. The key figures are calculated every month and presented in graphs. The key figures are followed up and declared on management briefings.


All operators covered by the company's quality system have been given responsibilities and authorization as well as specified working relations.
The company's requirements for resources, personnel and mechanical equipment, are specified. Each person responsible of production planning vouch for that requisite resources in the work fields are available when performing offered services, as well as for personnel being given required training for handling the services exercised.
The company's executive management has within the group appointed a responsible representative to ensure that the quality system is established, implemented and sustained. The management's representative reports to the management on set management briefings once a year.